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Eden Office seating is made to order in fabric or coverings of your choice. If ease of cleaning and sanitisation is a priority for you, we can recommend a range of hygiene-easy vinyls and fabrics with anti-microbial anti-bacterial properties.

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Vinyls and Tritan® Fabrics

Our vinyls and Tritan® fabrics are chosen for their fully wipeable easy-clean properties. The vinyls are inherently moisture-resistant and the Tritan® moisture barrier on the fabric inhibits liquid penetration, meaning they can be easily wiped clean with a sanitising liquid. They offer the additional protection of HealthGuard™, an anti-microbial anti-bacterial fabric treatment which is shown to inhibit a wide range of microorganisms including moulds, yeasts, algae and bacteria.


The vinyls and Tritan® fabrics may be cleaned with a mix of 5% household disinfectant and 95% water, or with a disinfectant sanitising wipe, just as you would any hard surface.

Hygiene-easy vinyls and fabrics are available on all Eden Office seating ranges.

Reupholstery Services

Eden Office can provide a full range of reupholstery services should you wish to upgrade your existing seating to a hygiene-easy upholstery option.


Our skilled upholsterers are experienced in reupholstery of all types of computer-user seating, public and reception chairs, and soft seating.

Bestseller colours from our
Hygiene-Easy upholstery ranges

Keywest Tritan® fabric

Keywest Triton® fabric

Allure vinyl

Allure vinyl

Charisma vinyl

Charisma vinyl

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